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Korean Placement Test Information

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Korean Placement Test Information for 2017-2018 Academic Year


Why do you need to take the Korean placement test?

The purposes of the placement test are twofold: to determine students’ proficiency of Korean language and assign them
to the appropriate level of Korean language courses.


Who should take the Korean placement test?

• Students who want to satisfy the WCAS language requirement in Korean language.

• Students who want to complete the prerequisite for the Minor in Korean Language and Culture.

• Students who have previous knowledge of Korean language and plan to take a Korean course at
Northwestern University.

• Students who have come back from study abroad and need to be placed into appropriate level of Korean class.

• Students who have transferred from other schools.

 The above apply to ALL students in ALL schools and programs, including graduate and
professional schools.


Who should NOT take the Korean placement test and instead directly register KOREAN
111-1 (offered only in the fall)?

• Students who have no previous knowledge of Korean language and want to take a Korean class.

• Students who know some Korean language but do not know the Korean Alphabet, Hangul, and want
to take a Korean class.


How do you take the Korean placement test?

There are two parts in the placement test.  Students must take both tests:

• Online test:

• Validation test: writing and speaking tests conducted in-person.

For the new school year, the online test is open during the summer and students can take it at home. All the online test results will initially show as “Validation
Required” since speaking and writing assessments at the validation test are required to complete the placement process.

During the school year, however, individual students are advised to contact the placement coordinator for the instruction to take the online test as it is
closed during the school year. After finishing the online test, students should also schedule an appointment for the oral and writing tests in-person.

When and where does the Validation Test take place for Fall 2017?

The Korean Placement Validation Test will take place during the Wildcat Welcome Week:

Date: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Time: 3:00 - 5:00 pm

Place: University Hall 101

Please come 15 minutes early with your student ID and pen. Prior to arriving for the validation test, you should have first taken the online test.


Special note to those who want to fulfill the foreign language requirement by taking the Korean placement test:

The test for language requirement fulfillment will take place only twice a year:  the beginning of fall quarter (Wildcat Welcome Week) and the beginning of spring quarter.



Please contact Dr. Ihnhee Kim (, 847-491-2767), placement coordinator, if you have any questions.